Why I’m Running

When you think about it, most Canadians basically hold small-c conservative values: we want a society that is fair and just; that allows us to pursue what and whom we choose; that allows us to be rewarded for our efforts; and that expects that everyone will pull their own weight.  In addition, we want a society that will support those who will never be able to support themselves, or those who encounter temporary difficulties. These are the principles and policies of the Conservative Party of Canada, regardless of what the media may try to say.

I am running to be the Conservative candidate for Calgary Signal Hill to advocate for Calgary and for Alberta within our national government.  Alberta holds a central place in Canada that is not always recognized, and this needs to change.

I am a long time Albertan, Calgarian and resident of Signal Hill.  I am a lawyer and business person by education and by trade.  I am a father of 2 young adults.  I am a community volunteer.  I am optimistic about Canada and our future, but I am also concerned.

Our political discussion needs to focus on solutions to problems and not criticizing those who hold different opinions.  We must discuss facts and realities together with ideas, and keep our focus on common sense actions that can be taken to improve our country.

The path forward lies on the common ground where the majority of Canadians live, working to build families, careers and communities.  Our country is large and diverse, but we have a great deal in common.  I strongly believe that Conservative values are Canadian values, and that our government has strayed from those values by trying to be all things to all people and pleasing very few in the result.  

A principle tenant of Conservatism is the importance of the personal freedom that allows Canadians to live their lives according to their own choices, with a minimum of government interference, control and direction.

Canada needs a strong Conservative government to bring focus back to building the framework for private enterprise to drive our economy and create prosperity.  Government should not seek to direct the economy, but rather support it.  A strong economy gives us the ability to fund our valued social programs that support members of our communities who require assistance, whether short or long term.

I believe in the importance of government and the role government plays in our country.  I believe that good people need to step forward to be part of government so that government serves Canadians effectively and responsibly.  I believe I can contribute to the good government of Canada.

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