I believe that my job as your next MP is to represent your views as residents of Calgary Signal Hill. You, members of this community, are founders and amongst the strongest supporters of the Conservative Party of Canada. I share your support and commitment to our Party, and you can count on me to take our issues, and our stories, to our Party’s leadership and to the House of Commons. 

As I’ve been door knocking in our community, a number of issues have emerged that I think are amongst the most critical in our riding. My views on these issues, including our leader’s position and our Calgary Signal Hill context, are stated below. These are the perspectives that I plan to take to Ottawa. 


We’ve all felt it – the price of everything has gone up dramatically. Inflation is rampant. While inflation is a global challenge, the Trudeau government has no plan to get the situation under control in Canada and is, indeed, making the problem worse. By continuing deficit spending, hiking payroll taxes, introducing and increasing the carbon tax, and approving escalator taxes that go up every year whether voted for or not, government is now taking 50 cents from every dollar we have earned. This can stop. This has to stop. 

What Pierre Has Said 

Pierre has been clear that the carbon tax will be immediately axed when Conservatives win the next election. This will provide immediate relief at the pumps, on our home energy bills and at the grocery store. Pierre has been clear that we need to stop the printing presses: we must return to levels of government spending that are reasonable and sustainable. Inflation can be defeated with sound fiscal policy (that thing that our current Prime Minister does not worry about!). 

My View 

My 2 children grew up in this riding and are now young adults.  As they start to build their careers and their families, they are struggling to afford basic food, shelter and consumer goods.  I fear that, despite their hard work, inflation will result in their standard of living being far inferior to that of my generation.  This is morally wrong.  It can be changed, and it must be changed.  


Canada is a country that has welcomed many from across the world in search of safety, freedom, and better opportunities for their children. Yet, more than ever before, we’ve seen the unprecedented levels of immigration take an enormous toll on housing supply, employment, and government services.  

What Pierre Has Said 

Pierre has recognized that in order to welcome someone the country through our immigration programs, we need to make sure that we have the capacity to support them. Specifically, Pierre plans to tie immigration admission numbers to housing – in other words, for each immigration application that is approved, there must be housing available. 

My View 

By ensuring that we have the right tools in place – including housing – Canada can continue to ensure that newly welcomed immigrants can become  productive contributors to our society, and a dynamic part of our culture. It will also help us ensure that immigrants stay – as more and more of them today are leaving because of the high cost of living here in Canada. 


In March, the Bank of Canada confirmed what many of us in the business community already knew to be true – Canada has an immense challenge with low productivity. Low productivity is a key factor to Canada’s slow growth, rampant inflation, and consumer indebtedness.  

What Pierre Has Said 

Pierre knows that in order for all of us to do well, business needs to do well. In uncertain regulatory environments, and eras of high cost, businesses are reluctant to invest in the tools and people needed to boost productivity. Pierre wants to unleash private enterprise – and get government out of the way. 

My View 

This is a core principle of conservatism – the way to a better society for all is to make sure that business can thrive. We know that in Alberta – but our government in Ottawa has forgotten that government is rarely the solution (they think it’s the solution to everything). Government’s job is to set the framework within which private enterprise can drive our economy: it is the private sector that creates jobs, creates opportunity and creates wealth.


We are in the middle of a housing crisis in Canada.  In addition to interest rates that are making houses unaffordable, the failure of our governments to plan for our growing population means a reduction in our standard of living due to skyrocketing shelter costs, feelings of hopelessness and anxiety about the future and homelessness for those priced out of their communities.  Better governance could have avoided the present situation. 

What Pierre Has Said 

Pierre has a plan to increase the number of homes we have available in Canada by incenting municipal gatekeepers to get out of the way and approve housing construction.  The core problem is the supply of housing, and building good, affordable homes not only addresses our supply problem but it provides good jobs in construction for hard working Canadians. 

My View 

My daughter and her partner are University graduates, have good jobs, and are fearful that they may never be able to own a home. That’s wrong. We need more housing in Canada, and we need the cooperation of all levels of government to get this done. Our federal government can and should play a part in addressing this priority: we need common sense to prevail as we build more homes. 


Alberta produces some of the world’s most environmentally friendly and ethically extracted petroleum. It’s simply unconscionable that other parts of Canada import oil from other countries in the world when we have an ample supply right here at home. The Liberal government has imposed legislation like Bill C-48 and Bill C-69 which are designed to stop Alberta’s right to develop our resources. Bill C-69 has already been declared unconstitutional – but that won’t stop the Liberals!  They intend to “amend” this unconstitutional legislation!  Alberta should be leading Canada as we supply the world with clean energy! 

What Pierre Has Said 

Pierre has been clear that Bill C-69 will be repealed, and that he will be a staunch supporter of Alberta’s energy industry. After all, Pierre is from Calgary! 

My View 

As a lawyer, I have acted for, and worked with, many companies in the energy industry over the years. I understand the challenges that come with regulatory uncertainty – something that has been rampant during this Liberal government. I am committed to pushing for policies that allow us to responsibly develop and transport our resources – while still respecting the need to meaningfully consult those impacted. I believe in partnerships that benefit all, and there are many examples in our energy industry. Such partnerships are what happens when government gets out of the way!  


For years, Alberta has punched far above its weight in Canada. We all know that Alberta’s net contribution to Canada far exceeds what our province has gotten back. As proud Canadians, we are here to support each other, and we are prepared to be a part of the whole.  We do, however, expect our contributions to be acknowledged and our role in confederation respected. Lately it has been hard to find evidence of that acknowledgement and respect.  

What Pierre Has Said 

Pierre has made it clear that the federal government needs to stay out of areas of provincial jurisdiction. On the Alberta Pension Plan proposal, Pierre has said that while he encourages Alberta to remain in the CPP, he understands that we are just trying to get some of our own money back. 

My View 

For Canada to work, we have to work together and respect each other. As a representative from Calgary, an important part of my job will be to help those in Eastern Canada better understand that when Alberta does well, Canada does well. It is a long-term task, but it is one I am passionate about!  

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