David is honoured to have the support and endorsements of many people in Calgary Signal Hill, and in his wider network. We’ve compiled several of his endorsements here, and will be continuing to add them as the campaign continues.

I’ve known David for over thirty years and his solid character and resume aside, what’s most earned my support is his track record of devotion to service and his long-standing commitment to the Party and the Calgary Signal Hill riding. He knows the job, the importance of being on the ground to listen to and tackle constituents’ issues and will be a staunch and effective advocate for Calgary West and Alberta.

Byron Neiles 
Member, Calgary Signal Hill   

David and I were law school classmates and I’ve known him for more than 35 years. He is a man of integrity and strong core values, who has been active in the Signal Hill community for many years. With his experience, work ethic and great communication skills, he would make an excellent Member of Parliament and I am proud to support him in his bid for the federal Conservative nomination in Calgary Signal Hill.

Myron Tetreault
Businessman/Corporate Director

I am delighted to support David McKenzie to be the Conservative candidate for Calgary Signal Hill. David is a Signal Hill resident with a wealth of experience as a lawyer, corporate director, and community volunteer. His legal and board expertise across various industries showcases his leadership and business acumen. His volunteer work with numerous charitable organizations reflects his commitment to making Calgary a better place for all citizens.

Equally as important to me is that David is a heck of a nice person, very approachable, and always willing to listen.

David’s long-standing involvement on the board of the Signal Hill Conservative Association and many years of volunteering in the community demonstrate his steadfast commitment to its betterment. His deep roots in the area brings a genuine commitment and a strong continued connection to the residents that live here.

Lori King
Member, Calgary Signal Hill

I’m voting for David McKenzie because he clearly stands out as the best candidate for the Conservative nomination in Calgary Signal Hill. 

I’ve lived in the Strathcona neighbourhood for 17 years, and I met David in 2017 on the Calgary Signal Hill Conservative Party EDA board, where both he and I were serving as board members. 

David has lived in the Signal Hill riding for over 20 years, which I feel is critically important for someone who desires to represent Signal Hill in parliament. Through his service on both the provincial and federal local conservative boards, he has gained a deep knowledge of grassroots politics and understands what issues are important to Signal Hill residents. 

Finally, as a practicing lawyer, David is eminently qualified to fill the role of MP. David is someone who believes in less government, less regulation, and the importance of free enterprise, and he is eager to get to work undoing the serious damage inflicted by the Trudeau Liberals.

Hillar Lilles
Calgary Signal Hill CPC Board Member and Resident

I live in Calgary Signal Hill and have worked with David on several community projects. Dave is a good neighbour and the type of person who is always focused on getting the job done. He engages with community and constituents and his enthusiasm is contagious. David McKenzie will be an excellent Member of Parliament. 

Gord Olsen
Member, Calgary Signal Hill

I’ve worked with David on the Signal Hill Conservative Association Board for over 10 years. I know him as a principled Conservative with the right temperament, maturity, and life experience to represent Calgary Signal Hill well in Parliament.  He is deeply involved in the community, has volunteered countless hours to the conservative movement in Signal Hill and beyond, and advocates a positive vision for Canada.   It is a privilege to support David in this nomination campaign.

Steven McLeod
Signal Hill Conservative Association Board Member/Fmr. CPC National Policy Committee Rep

I have known Dave for 10 years, through our mutual involvement on the Calgary Signal EDA board and believe he is unquestionably qualified and dedicated to serving the constituents of Calgary Signal Hill as the riding’s next MP. I have witnessed first-hand that he is a guy who is never afraid to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty with hard work. He has been involved with every EDA initiative that has taken place since I met him, often as the lead organizer. I have no doubt he will be a locally focused MP and I believe his dedication to grass roots politics will be welcomed in the CPC caucus. 

Patrick Rea
Fmr. Signal Hill Conservative Association Board Member

I’m delighted to endorse David McKenzie for his Calgary Signal Hill nomination candidacy. 

Having volunteered alongside David on the Calgary Signal Hill Conservative Association board for the past ten years has given me a great deal of perspective and insight into his true character, and I believe he embodies everything we need in our future MP.

Anyone that knows David well knows he is a principled conservative, has a high degree of integrity and adheres to strong moral principles which guide his every action and enriches his interactions with friends, colleagues and clients.

David likes to call himself Positively Conservative and he truly believes there is a lot for us to be grateful for and to look forward to – especially with a future Pierre Poilievre Conservative government.  It is this refreshing, and positive, approach to conservative politics that our riding undoubtedly needs at this time.

We need wise and talented people to represent us in Ottawa, and I believe David’s vast lived experiences – working for the Canadian foreign service where he spent two years in Ottawa and two years in Caracus, Venezuela, twenty-six years as a small to medium business lawyer, father to two young adult children, volunteer in the educational, social and political sectors – give him a perspective and wisdom heads and shoulders above the rest of the candidates.

I will be voting for David McKenzie because we need an MP who will guide, inspire and use strengths, skills and wisdom to navigate challenges, foster relationships and truly represent the constituents of this riding.

Joanne Birce
Signal Hill Conservative Association Board Member/Fmr. CPC Alberta Regional Organizer

I have known David for a number of years and can say without question that he would serve our constituency of Calgary Signal Hill with integrity and energy.

David is not an opportunist or some who comes lately to public service or the Calgary Signal Hill Constituency. His qualifications speak for themselves. From a Foreign Service Officer to more recently as Director and President of the Signal Hill Conservative Association and director on both the Calgary Bow and Calgary West Constituency Association boards, David has proven his dedication to public service and conservative values in international, national, and local roles. 

He has also earned an excellent reputation in the legal and business community and would bring a much-needed real world experience to Parliament.  My personal observation of David is that he listens to all and then contributes in a grounding and practical fashion, moving matters forward rather than bogging them down in ego or rhetoric.

Sean Jeffers
Member, Calgary Signal Hill

I am wholeheartedly endorsing David McKenzie to be the next CPC representative for Calgary Signal Hill because I know David.

I have known David for over 10 years. I know that he has been an ongoing, fully engaged participant with the Conservative Party of Canada. I know that he has supported the Calgary Signsl Hill CPC EDA with countless hours of volunteer time as well as continuous monetary support. I know David, as a long-time resident in Calgary signal Hill, knows the area, the people and communities, will advocate for all of the constituents of Calgary Signal Hill to the best of his ability.

I know David McKenzie will be the best Calgary Signal Hill CPC representative in Ottawa.

Patty Wickstrom
Calgary Signal Hill CPC Board Member and Resident

A rock-solid candidate for steering the country. Great to see David, and good luck. And true to your message, you have been a very strong and “charitable” board member at JLS – helping our business succeed. A huge loss to us no doubt, but a great step for your future constituents. 

Kelly Falk
President and CEO at Jet Lift Systems / Source Rock Energy

I’ve known David for well over 25 years now. First, as a business lawyer, then as my family lawyer and finally, gratefully, as a friend. As I have watched him grow throughout the years, I was always struck by his openness, energy and honestly. He applies himself the same way to every challenge. With forthright determination. He is inclusive and truly cares. I could only wish he was running in my riding. I would vote for him wholeheartedly!

Peter O’Neill
COO at Bridgewater Bank (Retired)

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